Discover Feng Shui – an ancient wisdom that teaches us how to create a good energy and harmony in your home and in your life.

Our houses and offices we work in influence our health and well-being more than we are aware of. The way we arrange our home effects our mood, well-being, our energy level and the motivation to act. Feng Shui gives us insights in how this works.

The aromatherapy and use of essential oils can wonderfully contribute to creation of harmony and balance in our home.
Smell is powerful. Aromatic fragrant plant essences in our home have the power to free the soul. We know that a pleasant smell in the house can improve the mood and create memories for life.

We ‘ll explore which scents to apply in different rooms of your house for uplifting effects, calming, relaxing or sensuous feeling.

I will share with you inspiring concepts of Feng Shui and how practically apply it and re-decorate your house.

You will gain insights in:

– Which colors and materials to combine to achieve harmony
– How to arrange your sleeping room for deep nourishing and restful sleep
– How to de-clutter your space to allow ne things coming into your life
– How to use essential oils and aromas for your home

You will receive a small gift for your home


19  January 2019


15:00 – 17.00

Price:    35€   (including a small present)


Cosy Cosas, Haagweg 92, Rijswijk


sms Darina 06 10498856 or

Patricia (Cosy Cosas) 06 10874714