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Have you ever walked into someone’s  house and felt instantly at home ?

Was it the furniture that created a welcoming atmosphere ?

The shape of the room ?

The way the light came in the windows?

Perhaps you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but everything just felt right.

Maybe you felt “good vibes”, warm hospitality, or a perfect balance between comfort and style. Quite possibly what you experienced was good Feng Shui.

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Get acquainted with the potential of Feng Shui
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Amsterdam, Buildings, Office

Office space in Amsterdam, Tower of the World Trade Centre

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Feng Shui Interior Advice

Specific question about a situation in the house or in one room
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Feng Shui Advise extensive

Contains the analysis of the whole house or an apartment
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Darina Veen-Kaššová
Darina Veen-Kaššová
Graduated in Building Physics at the Technical University I knew already a long time ago how big the impact is of buildings and houses on people’s health.

Building Physics is the science in architecture and in the world of building constructions. It examines the effects of light, heat, moisture, air and sound on the indoor climate of buildings.

The optimal indoor climate is very important for the well-being of people. In order to achieve that we use theories to calculate the correct temperature, humidity, good acoustics and proper lighting technology.

Feng Shui goes further in that sense as it describes the principle that everything around us is energy. Not so much in the sense of electricity, but that universal force, that invisible flow of energy that circulates through the earth, bringing life force with it. This subtle matter flows in us, around us and in our homes. Its nature and origin is being studied and researched in numerous Institutes of Physics.

Many years ago I met an architect working in Switzerland. She gave me a book about Feng Shui.  Initially, because of my technical background, I was skeptical about this theory.

However, as a good researcher I wanted to know more. I started to look and search for more information. The more I came to know about it, the more it fascinated me. My knowledge of Building Physics helped me to get a deeper understanding of Feng Shui and to recognize the reliable sources.

I decided to follow a certified Feng Shui Education at Chinese Academy Qin Bai, in Amersfoort in the Netherlands. I apply it with passion in my life and in my work.

I want to introduce Feng Shui to my clients and liberate this ancient philosophy from superstition. I want to show my clients that it can be applied with the tools and measures suited to the lifestyles embedded in our Western culture. In this way we can all benefit from Feng Shui.

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