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Feng Shui, literally meaning “wind and water” - is a beautiful philosophy about harmony and balance in life; teaching us to respect nature and to cultivate well-balanced, uplifting, nourishing, supporting and inspiring living spaces for ourselves so that we can experience happiness, joy and fulfilment in life.

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What can I offer you

Darina Veen-Kaššová
Darina Veen-Kaššová
I guide you in creating a well-balanced, uplifting, supporting and inspiring living space for you and your family; a place where you feel happy and you experience pleasure, joy and creativity.

Feng Shui explains a very important concept of universal energy that permeates everything around us, also known as Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana or Life Force. This applies to the energy inside your body as well to the energy inside and outside man-made structures. Chi energy is expressed in many forms and in both positive and negative energies.

I help you develop greater awareness of the spaces around you and how they influence your personal energy. You will see and feel how your feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions are shaped by the space you live in and work in.

You will experience the surprising effect of colours, materials, shapes and smells on your mood, energy and motivation to act. I will encourage you to feel and to explore, and to experiment with placement and light.

Graduating in Building Physics at the Technical University in Bratislava I studied the impact of the indoor climate of buildings and constructions on people’s health. I complemented my knowledge of how to create healthy interiors with a certificate in Feng Shui from the Chinese Academy Qing Bai.

I beautifully combine science and spirituality. My enthusiasm, knowledge and warm personality are the magic behind supporting and guiding my clients. I connect with people’s hearts and show them how to fall in love with their home.

I offer inspiring workshops, courses and personal consultations.

Do you want to ask questions about your home interior?

Book a free (20min) online session with me!

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