Updated interior and new fresh colours can bring desired change, and help us enjoy life a bit more.
Let yourself be inspired by Feng Shui – the Art of Placement, Balance and Harmony.
This workshop will give you important insights and help you make the right decisions towards your dream home. You will get inspiring ideas on how to organize your living space and create better work & life balance for you and your family.
Benefits are invaluable: more energy, better sleep, peace and serenity, clarity, more joy, higher self-esteem and many more.
The best way to refresh the atmosphere in a room or home office is using colours. However, working with colours can be tricky, every interior decorator will confirm that.  Colours influence our emotions.
We want to combine colours harmoniously, to create the right balance in a room.
In this workshop we go deeper into the meaning of colours, and how to use them.
Topics we cover:
☘️ How your home interior influences your health and well-being.
☘️ Common interior design mistakes which negatively affect your attitude and energy level.
☘️ How to arrange your bedroom for deep and nourishing sleep
☘️ Baby & children room: what you must pay attention to.

Location: ZOOM, online event

What you can expect from the event:
❖ An interactive workshop with answers to your personal questions during the event
❖ A lot of visual materials, photos, pictures and practical examples
❖ Practical recommendations for your living space, based on your floor plan (you can use a simple hand-written sketch)
❖ Q&A session after the presentation part

How to participate:
1. Register here for the event
2. Buy your ticket for 17 euro by making a transfer to NL38 INGB 0006 0756 10, name D Veenova
3. A Zoom link for the event will be sent to you upon your registration

4. Minimum 8 registered participants



30 March  2021


19:30 – 21:00

Price:    17,–   euro

This is  special 50%- discounted price for the Delft MaMa community members
*2 euro from every ticket will be donated to the Delft MaMa organization to support its initiatives.

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