Would you like a home that has the power to elevate your soul?

Feng Shui is your guide to more harmony, balance, vitality and joy.

You don’t need to rebuild your whole house. You can achieve a lot with smart changes; for example refreshing colours and lay-out of the furniture, updating your art pictures, de-cluttering and energy clearing.

You notice the effect immediately; your space feels lighter, you sleep better, the atmosphere has improved, it is suddenly sparkling and you feel inspired to get things done.

Balanced and harmonious environment has an amazing effect on health and well-being. I invite you to understand the powerful concepts of Feng Shui in my workshop and learn to apply them in your home.

I first give an explanation of basic concepts and the 5 Elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. We look to the colours, materials and shapes of each of the 5 elements.

Then we immerse ourselves in the functioning of the Bagua – the energy map of your house. With the help of Bagua and 9 sectors you can whether the layout of your furnishing allow a free flow of Chi energy – an essential condition for harmony, good health and flow in life – and make changes if necessary.

What makes this workshop special is that we take your personal energy element and calculate this based on your date of birth.

What can you expect:

🔥 You gain insight into your own energy element

🔥 You learn which changes in your home help you to create better energy flow, so that you heal your space and improve the quality of your life.

🔥 You learn to avoid the most common interior design mistakes

Workshop material is included.

I look forward to see you in my workshop!


Saturday 25 June  2022

15.00 – 18.00

Price:    45,-  


Waterloop 21, Delft


sms Darina 06 10498856