Balance Your Home with Feng Shui

Balance is something we always think of when we arrange, decorate or furnish our homes.

Without proper balance, a room can make its inhabitants feel uncomfortable and anxious. Balance in a room gives feeling of stability and wellness. Nothing feels weird, disproportional or unstable.


Do you want to  create a living environment full of good energy, where you feel comfortable, supported, and inspired?

Join my workshop, you will receive practical tips on how to make changes in every room in order to achieve more balance.

You don’t have to rebuilt your entire house.  You create balance by combining colors, materials and textures. You pay attention to the placement of your furniture, decorations, plants and works of art.
You look into where the energy (chi) in your home stagnates or blocks, and how that affects you. Then you make positive changes.

And you notice the effect right away; the atmosphere improves, you sleep better, and you wake up ready to enjoy your day.



First I explain the essential principles of Feng Shui 5 elements – earth, metal, water, wood and fire. They come from the Taoist tradition and reflect the cycles of nature. When you make your home Feng Shui, you balance these five elements.


We explore colours, materials and shapes of each of the 5 elements. We look into a proper balance of every room. I use many practical examples.


We dive into the personal energy elements and that is what makes this  workshop special.

I calculate your personal energy elements based on the date of birth. This provides information about how the energy of the 5 elements moves through you. Based on the ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, it gives you understanding of the inner design that influences who you are and how your life unfolds.

It also reveals what might be needed to create more balance in your personal space as wel as in your life.

What can you expect:

🔥 You gain insight into your own energy element

🔥 You learn which changes in your home help you to heal your space and improve the quality of your life

🔥 You learn to avoid the most common interior design mistakes

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Max 7 participants

I look forward to see you in my workshop!

This workshop will be in Dutch or in English, depending on the participants.  The necessary translation will be provided. 



Sunday  10 March 2024

15.00 – 17.45

Price:    45,-

Waterloop 21, Delft

sms Darina 06 10498856