Come and discover how careful placement of the furniture, objects, colors, materials and smells can affect your emotions, your mood and your well-being.

The way we arrange our houses and offices influences our health and motivation to act more than we are aware of. Our house can be a place where we rest, relax, refresh and enjoy but it also can be a place which makes us tired and deprives us from our own energy.

Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom that explains how to create balance, good energy and harmony in your home and in your life. We know that a pleasant smell in the house can improve the mood and create memories for life. Aromatic fragrant plant essences in our home have the power to free the soul. 

I will share with you principals and concepts of Feng Shui and how to apply them practically in your home. You will learn how to re-decorate your house to stimulate your physical and mental well-being and to allow changes in your life.

You gain insights into the following:

  • how specific parts of your house can positively or negatively affect your mood

  • how to avoid common interior design mistakes that can negatively affect your attitude and energy level

  • how to design a bedroom that is restful and supports your sleep; where to put your bed, which materials and color to use

  • how to create a living room which is inspiring, comfortable, cozy and free from clutter

  • how to use natural essential oils for different room in your house to evoke calming, cheerful, relaxing or sensuous feelings

  • how to arrange room for children, so they sleep well, feel happy and concentrate well on their studies

  • how to arrange your office desk for a good focus, clarity and concentration

    Bring a floor plan of your house and some photos with you to the workshop.

    You will take home not only new insights and lots of inspiration, but also your own plan with what and how to change in your home. 


16  March 2019


15:00 – 17:30

Price:    35,-  


Saktiisha Yoga, Javastraat 12, Den Haag


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or send SMS to Darina 06 104 98856