How do you feel when you enter your own house?
What do you pay attention to when you are arranging your home?

Our house can be a place where we rest, relax, refresh and enjoy- but it also can be a place which makes us tired and deprives us from our own valuable energy.

Spring is the best time to refresh your house and let it breathe, add more light into the dark corners of the rooms and stimulate the energy flow; allowing smoothly changes entering your life.

Discover how Feng Shui can help you feel better in your own home.
The way we arrange our home effects our mood, well-being, our energy level and the motivation to act. Feng Shui is giving us insights in how this works, explaining how to create good energy and harmony.

A pleasant smell in house can improve the mood and create memories for life. Essential oils and aromatherapy contribute to creation of harmony and balance in your home.
————— Because smell is very powerful.
Smell goes directly to the limbic system, the old part of the brain responsible for the emotional responses.

We explore how to apply different scents in the rooms of your house to calm you down and relax your mind or uplift your mood, and cheer up your spirit.

You receive a small gift for your home.

Bring the floor plan of your house and photos.


18  May 2019


15:00 – 17:00

Price:    35,-  (including a small present)


Cosy Cosas, Haagweg 92, Rijswijk


sms Darina 06 10498856 or

Patricia (Cosy Cosas) 06 10874714