Living in Harmony

The way our houses are arranged has bigger influence on our well-being and happiness than we are aware of. They reflect our interests, our beliefs, our hesitations, our spirit and our passion. They tell a story about how we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

Our homes are becoming increasingly important for our well-being.

You will learn in this course to balance your energy, improve your relationships and happiness and heal your living space.

Join me as I will reveal the amazing possibilities for transformation when you use Feng Shui wisdom to make simple yet beautiful changes in your home and Your life.

We start with understanding the Feng Shui philosophy and how it helps finding harmony and balance in your home and in your life.

You will follow a room-to-room guidance for using the theory of Five elements and instructions for healing spaces inside and outside.

You will learn:

• how to avoid common interior design mistakes that can affect your energy level
• how to design a bedroom that supports your sleep
• how to create a living room which is inspiring, comfortable and free from clutter
• how to arrange rooms for children to sleep well and focus well on their studies
… and much more

This is 4 weeks program
4 lessons – each lesson takes 2 hours
Lessons could be taken individually in agreement

1 LESSON – Arranging Your Home to change Your life

• Basic Concepts Feng Shui – all is Energy
• 5 Elements and their influence on our well-being (Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, Water)
• BAGUA energy map – how to pinpoint areas in your home which need to be improved

2 LESSON – A room-by-room guidance

• Entrance and hall
• Living Room – comfort, light and de-cluttering
• Bedroom – bed position, colors, materials, achieve deep nourishing sleep
• Bathroom
• Children Room
• Home Office – commanding desk position
• Plants – why, which and where to place them in your house

3 LESSON – Finding Your balance – Yin & Yang

• De-clutter and Energy Clearing – clearing stagnant energies in your house
• The power of smell – natural Essential Oils and their benefits
• Practical Analysis of your houses – based on the floor plan

4 LESSON – Practical Analysis and Personal Elements

• Analysis of  your house – based on the floor plan
• Personal Elements and their Characteristics


Bring the floor plan of your house.
There will be theory combined with practice – a presentations for each lesson and practical applications, enough time for personal attention.
Drawing materials, all other supplies, essential oils – all included in the fee.

GROUP : max 6 participants

Date:   All 4 lessons Re-scheduled

Lessons : 18 march, 25 march, 1 April, 8 April 2020


19:30 – 21:30

Price:    180,-  




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