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Darina Veen-Kaššová
Darina Veen-Kaššová
I guide you in creating a well-balanced, supporting, inspiring and uplifting living space for you and your family; a place where you feel happy and you experience prosperity and joy.

Graduating in Building Physics at the Technical University I studied the impact of the indoor climate of the buildings and constructions on people’s health. We examined the effects of light, temperature, humidity and sound on people’s behavior with a purpose to design spaces adequat for people to live and work it.

I complemented my knowledge of how to create healthy interiors with a certificate in Feng Shui from the Chinese Academy Qing Bai.

Feng Shui fascinates me as it explains a very important concept that everything around us is energy, that universal energy flow that connects everything and circulates around the earth, in us, around us and in our homes.

In my work I follow the guidelines of Feng Shui and I combine science and spirituality. My knowledge, enthusiasm and warm personality are the magic behind success with clients. I connect with people’s hearts and show them how to fall in love with their own home.

I offer inspiring workshops, courses and personal consultations,

helping mothers craeting nourishing and supportive environment for their children.

Read my blog on  Ideal Room for Your Child

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My radio interview

Have you ever walked into someone’s  house and felt instantly welcoming atmosphere, warm hospitality, and a perfect balance between comfort and style?

You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but everything just felt right.

Quite possibly you experienced a good Feng Shui.

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Orientation session (free)

We talk about your home interior in an online session
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Amsterdam, Buildings, Office

Office space in Amsterdam, Tower of the World Trade Centre

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Inspiring workshops with different themes, on different locations
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Review of the house, advice about interior improvements
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