Acupuncture practice

Acupuncture practice

Nice, France

Acupuncture practice in The Hague

What are the most essential things to look at?

Firstly, there is access to practice:  it must be free, inviting and highly visible. Every front door and every entrance area should evoke a pleasant and welcoming feeling.

The front door and entrance haal is very important in Feng Shui: it is called “the mouth of Chi” because this is where the Chi energy enters. We want to welcome as much positive energy as possible. When the Chi energy flows easily, it brings abundance and lightness and with it customers, good opportunities and success.

As soon as we enter, the layout and energy of the space influence mood and feelings;

Decisive is the choice of the correct placement of the treatment table, the desk, the storage cabinets and the seat for the intake interview. We try to avoid the ‘unrestful zone’ between door and windows. We choose a safe place in the most quiet zone of the room so that patients can relax properly. A beautiful folding screen, with a nice related motif, separates this space from the rest of the room and ensures privacy and even more tranquility.

According to Feng Shui, the best place for the desk is always:

  • Far away enough from the door
  • Closed wall behind as a support
  • Maximum overview of the room

This is the so-called power position (commanding position); here we work and learn with the greatest concentration.

Furthermore, we harmonized the space according to energy map of the Bagua;  with plants, pictures and sufficient light sources.

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