Brown Couch apartment Nice

Apartment in Nice

Apartment in Nice

Nice, France

Feng Shui recommendations for my client’s apartment were based on the  analysis of the floor plan using the Bagua energy map. 

The floor plan had an irregular shape (see photo). We needed to make sure that the energy flows freely throughout the apartment. The center of the house stands for health and vitality. It should be free of heavy furniture, odd corners, stairs, walls, clutter, dark corridors or obstacles –  We have removed the wall in the living room to create a more open space. 

Another example is the kitchen: I advised to add earth element here to strenghten the energy. We chose a yellow color for the kitchen cabinets in combination with a marble countertop.  The plants and small trees on the balcony activated here the wood element. This arrangement provided charming view, inviting to look out of the window to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean blue sky.

These are just 2 examples for this apartment.  We made many more enhancements, as shown on the photo’s. 

My client was very pleased with the changes. She told me she felt happier, more free, healthier; and enjoyed her apartment much more.  




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