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Baby room

We are all sensitive to the energy around us – some are more aware of it than others – but when it comes to babies be sure they feel everything. So good feng shui energy in the baby room will soothe, nourish and even strengthen your baby’s energy.

Be guided by your senses. Think of the nursery as a special retreat for relaxation and bonding with your little one, and let it delight all five senses.

Creating a good feng shui room for your baby is more than just decorating the space right. It is about expressing your unconditional love, care and adoration for your baby, as well as reassurance of support throughout the life you will be sharing together.

 12 tips for baby room!

  1. Place the bed so that your child can see the door, against a solid wall to provide the baby a sense of security when sleeping.
  2. The best colors are soothing tones such as light yellow, pale green and pale blues. Using a soft color for your baby could help promote proper health and rest. Avoid colors that are too bright or attractive as they can be too stimulating for babies. Deep peaceful sleep for babies is necessary for healthy growth.
  3. Choose floors of natural materials, nice wooden floor or soft carpet.
  4. Create a harmony of soft colors also for bedding. Choose the colors you really like, colors that will comfort and soothe both you and the baby.
  5. Have several sources of light in the room to be used at different times of day and night; this will contribute to a balanced feng shui energy. Use light that can be dimmed, it creates a peaceful atmosphere.
  6. Create an atmosphere of warmth and safety, place a picture of the family.
  7. Always hang a baby mobile in front of the window or in the centre of the room, never above the pillow! Above the head can scare your baby on waking.
  8. Clear away all clutter in your baby’s room is one of the most important ways to create good energy for your baby. Prevent clutter under the bed.
  9. To stimulate a healthy night’s sleep, do not place your child’s bed under beams or against a slanted wall.
  10. Avoid sharp corners of the furniture. Soft rounded lines are the most ideal. Think about safety.
  11. It is better not to place any electrical equipment in the baby room; or cover it at night with a blanket. The radiation of the equipment will unconsciously disturb the night’s rest.
  12. Provide a special place for you as parents, a comfortable chair or some pillows. You will like to spend some time in your baby’s room.
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