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How you sleep has a major influence on your life and your well-being. Good sleep is a foundation for good health and a happier frame of mind.

When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed, alert, and hopeful — ready to take on the day?  When you are asleep, your conscious mind has the night off, but your subconscious is busy at work; recreating and reordering the day’s feelings, memories and experiences for the benefit of your psyche.

You want to arrange and decorate your bedroom with utmost care to make sure you create a good sleep environment for deep relaxation, paying attention to Feng Shui principles as closely as possible:

12 tips for your bedroom

  1. Never use your bedroom as a storage area for boxes, spare furniture, or piles of books. It will block the smooth flow of chi.  Storing junk under your bed will cause stagnantion.
  2. Declutter your bedroom. If your bed feels dreamy but your room is a mess, you could be at a higher risk for sleep problems. What your eyes see when you walk into a room can influence whether or not you’ll have an easy time falling asleep. So, clean up your room.
  3. Place your bed against a solid wall, not a window.
  4. Never place your bed under a low slanting ceiling or under exposed beams. It can cause headaches, illness, confused thinking and bad dreams.
  5. Mirrors in the bedroom should not face your bed.
  6. Never place bed in a draft between the door and the window, it may cause insomnia.
  7. Make the space above your bed as empty as possible. Avoid big heavy lamps  above your bed.
  8. High, heavy and chaotic stuff, shelves full of books or medicines around your head can lead to bad dreams and nightmares.
  9.  A solid wooden bed is the best choice. Avoid a bed with metal parts as metal bed attracts energy fields.
  10. For balance in your relationship it is important that your bed is equally accessible on both sides : )
  11. The images and objects in your bedroom should be chosen carefully. Consider what they mean and from whom you got them? In this intimate space there should be only images both you and your partner have good feelings about.
  12. Choose warm and harmonising shades. Active, bright and dynamic colours like red, orange, intense yellow and busy patterns stand in the way of relaxed sleep.

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