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  • Ask a short question per email about your home situation and you receive a Free Feng Shui tip within 1-2 days
  • Would you like to talk to me ? Book a free online session (20 min)

Full consultation 

When you want to refresh your home and revitalize your life.

When you have a feeling that something feels odd in your home and should be changed, but you quite don’t know what.

When you have too many different ideas, thoughts and hesitations about your home interior, low budget and choosing is difficult between changing rooms, choosing new colors , rearranging the furniture, buying new carpets or lamps or you even have major reconstruction plans.

A good Feng Shui advice always helps! 

I guide you through those important choices, we look together what is really  necessary and must be done to create balanced, inspiring and uplifting living space for you to live and work in; be happy and simply enjoy life.

Steps to make:

  1. Prior to the consultation send me a floor plan of your house by email with a clear indication of the entrance (Front door) and some photos.
  2. I make my preparations and analysis of the floor plan based on the Bagua energy map and prepare questions for you.
  3. We plan a visit to your home, it must be during a day light.

During the visit we discuss your wishes, problems and important issues further. I give practical advice and recommendation directly. For some solutions you receive my advice and recommendations later by email.

​The price depends on the size of the house and the time we spend together.  Call me or contact me by email to ask for the price quotation.

New Home

Are you buying or searching for a new home?  Good location and suitable house is important for your future life and is not easy to find.  You are confronted with important choices to make and many considerations.

Is the location favorable?

Is the house well built? How does it feel?

What is next to the house on both sides?

How visible and accessible is the front door?

How is the floor plan? Is it clear, regular or is it confusing?

How is the space divided? How many rooms ? How they are connected?

Feng Shui consultation will help you with valuable insights in making the right decisions! 


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