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Feng Shui Design



Consultation can be requested for the most various questions.

It can be a simple question – which room is the most suitable as a bedroom or what is the right color for my study room/ home office or how to place furniture in my living room for good energy flow.

When you have hesitations, too many different thoughts and ideas about changes in your home –  from refreshing colors, changing rooms, to major reconstruction plans, a feeling that something feels odd and must be changed but you quite don’t know what –  a good Feng Shui advice can help !

We look together what changes are necessary in order to create a well-balanced, nourishing, supporting and inspiring living environment for you to live in and to work in.

How does it work?

Prior to our consultation I make analysis of the floor plan of your house using the Bagua. For that I need drawings of the floor plan of your house which you send to me by email.

A visit of the house follows; we discuss together your wishes, problems, important issues and questions. In many cases I give practical advice and recommendation immediately. ​ For certain issues I come with my recommendation after the consultation, which I will send to you by email.

​The price depends on the size of the house, time spent with a client and the complexity of the work.  Contact me by email or call me to ask for price quotation. I look forward to help you!


New Home

When buying a new house and choosing the location we are often confronted with many considerations and important choices to make.

Is the location favorable ?

How visible and accessible is the front door ?

How does the floor plan look like?

How to choose rooms? Where is the best room to sleep?

Feng Shui consultation helps to get many valuable insights in making the right decisions !


You have a short question about a room or a specific situation?

Send your email and you receive a FREE Feng Shui tip within 1-2 days.


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