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Crystals have received the energy of volcanoes and the strength of the planet’s internal movement for millions of years, they have an enormous amount of energy inside them.  This natural energy from the crystals pulsates all the time. We see many crystals used in technology, e.g. in laser devices, computers, cell phones, satellites, televisions and medical equipment.

From a spiritual point of view, crystals have been used over the centuries for healing and protection. In Feng Shui, we use crystals to restore balance and harmony into the home. They can bring a specific energy and vibration into your home or office. Rose quartz, for example, promotes heart healing. We can place it in the Relationship zone of your house (see the Bagua energy map). Black tourmaline and hematite are strong protective stones, citrin and piryt heal self-esteem as well as attract wealth and abundance.

The kings, queens and high priests of different cultures have always used the energies of crystals for decoration or as a symbol of power.

These beautiful crystals and their powers can be in your hands!

Want to know more about crystals, how to use them, and their properties, visit the website Byart Crystals  !

Byart Crystals is a family business from Brazil, based in Amsterdam, offering beautiful raw crystals and jewellery on request. They provide E-learning material, consultations and will help you find your perfect crystal or gemstone for the purpose you are looking for.  Products are ethically sourced and help local families in Brazil generate income.

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