Feng Shui The five elements

In Feng Shui, a balanced blend of all five elements creates a harmonious environment.



Represents wisdom, emotions, inspiration, sensuality, insightfulness.

Water energy is accommodating and flexible, innovative and rejuvenating. The colors are black and dark blue.

Too much:   unbalanced and drowning emotionally, overwhelmed, excessively social

Too little: lack of compassion, loneliness, isolation, stress



Represents creativity, growth, new beginnings, birth, flexibility and intuition

Wood energy is upwards, active and full of hope. The colours are green and turquoise.

Too much: overwhelmed, frustrated, rigid, stubborn and inflexible.

Too little:  lack in creativity and inspiration, depression



Represents enthusiasm, leadership skills, expressiveness, inspiration and boldness

Stands for summer, warmth and clarity. Fire energy is directed outwards and is full of expression. The colours are red, purple, orange.

Too much: anger, aggression, irritability and impulsive behavior

Too little: emotional coldness, lack of vision, low self-esteem



Represents physical strength, order, balance, stability, security.

Earth energy is conservative. The colours are yellow, beige and all shades of brown.

Too much: heavy feeling, boredom, sluggishness, seriousness

Too little: unsettled, not grounded, confused, distracted



Represents clarity, logic, organisation, focus, analytical abilities

Metal energy is turned inward, focused and controlled. The colours are white, grey, silver and metallic

Too much: chatty, over critical, speaking without thinking
Too little: cautiousness, quietness, lack of focus