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Office space in Amsterdam, Tower of the World Trade Centre

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is a project on the interior design of the office of a financial investment company. This investment company was seated in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, a very dynamic business environment. In cooperation with architects who gave the assignments, I did this project in Amsterdam and I used few important principles of Feng Shui for the office.

The office space became a functional, clean and modern space where predominant colors were white and light gray. These colors stand for the metal element: focus, clarity, precision, concentration and financial hierarchy. 

We used white and gray color in the meeting room, too.  At the reception we placed a wonderful natural product “green moss panel” to balance the elements, bring vitality into a clean and modern office environment, refresh it and make it feel more alive and beautiful.  Moreover, this green panel and the plants have sound absorption qualities and improve teh acoestics of the whole space. 

We chose beautiful big healthy green plants in each room to increase the humidity, improve the quality of the air and to make room feel pleasant, which helps to reduce a work stress.

In the office of the director (the only female director in the board) we chose light soft earth colours and placed a coffee table with comfortable chairs. This created a pleasant place for informal conversations. We chose wooden cabinets and painted a wall with a beautiful rich golden-yellow finish (element metal).

We arranged a good archive room with a perfect archive system, which is absolutely essential for a good financial administration.

Also in this room we placed a beautiful large plant, as described above in the meeting room.

In this way we managed to create a very pleasant and functional working place, where the employees could focus and concentrate well, were productive, but they also felt comfortable and less stressed by the daily work peak hours.


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