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The ideal home office is pleasant and functional.

Tips for your home office!

  1. Place your desk in a “commanding” position, you should always face the door and sit far enough inside the office to see the whole room from your desk.
  2. Avoid sitting with your back to the door, you will not be sufficiently alert to your surroundings and may be surprised by people entering your office.
  3. Don’t place your desk in a draft between the door and window.
  4. Plants and flowers contribute to the good Feng Shui of any office.
  5. Your desk should be clean and tidy. Successful business people all have a tidy workplace, even though they have a lot to do. No one can solve dozens of things at the same time.
  6. Avoid heavy boxes on the floor. Get sufficient shelves and cabinets and a good archiving system.
  7. A round or an oval table supports people with creative and communicative tasks and with brainstorming.
  8. A rectangular table is suitable for activities that require analytical and linear thinking, such as accounting.
  9. Glass tables can cause instability and disorder.
  10. Hang inspiring photos, posters or paintings that symbolise what you want to achieve on the walls.
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