Testimonials Happy clients

Maritha v O.

Samen met mijn schoondochter bezocht ik de workshop Feng Shui van Darina.
Het was inspirerend hoe Darina vertelde en ons betrok bij ‘hoe je energie/chi in huis haalt’. Hoe je huis een spiegel is van jezelf en dat de wisselwerking daartussen, hoe je balans en beweging brengt in je levenskracht. Van de andere kant kun je ook ontdekken waar de energie in je huis stagneert en welke invloed dát op je heeft.
Darina verstaat ‘de kunst’ van Feng Shui en helpt jou dit concreet te vertalen naar jouw eigen woonomgeving. Energiek en vol ideeën gingen we naar huis.

Teodora V.

Darina is a beautiful soul and kind person to work with. If she enters your home she will change it so magical and positive way. I was lucky to have found Darina, to attend her interesting and carefully planned workshop and to have a Feng Shui home consultation directly afterwards.
The advice, the heart and mind opening questions, her patience and professionalism is invaluable.
Especially in current times, where home became the office, the playground, the restaurant, the sport corner, the spiritual corner etc.
Darina’s Feng Shui home consultation is an investment for a most deserved life changing return.


Ik ben heel blij en dankbaar dat ik Darina hebt gevraagd om me te helpen mijn huis opnieuw in te richten.
Iedere dag voel ik me meer en meer thuis in mijn appartement.
Ik heb veel geleerd en heb het ook kunnen toepassen. Ik zie en merk dat vrienden die bij mij komen de veranderingen voelen en benoemen.

Marina L.

I attended the Feng Shui & Crystals workshop and it was far beyond my expectations.
Such a safe, magic and cosy atmosphere!
It was a great way to spend my Sunday learning beautiful things to improve my life and gaining awareness.
Darina is warm, cheerful, calm and a very knowledgeable person to guide you.

Petra d,W.

Darina has wonderful energy, is very knowledgeable and fun to work with!
Her Feng Shui insights helped me to transform ideas in my head into action.
Thank you Darina! you rock!

Mia Tengco

I attended Darina’s Career & Life Purpose – Feng Shui workshop. The concepts were interesting, powerful and I had a lot of takeaways.
As soon as I got home, I was immediately able to apply the things I learned from the workshop! Thank you, Darina!

Sonja Buis

Thank you Darina for the fun and informative Feng Shui workshop!
I changed my living room and home office completely with the tools that I got from the workshop.
Darina is such a warm person, and I love her enthusiasm when she is talking about Feng Shui.
Really recommend it!

Krati Argwal

What an insightful workshop!
I loved every bit of my time at the Feng Shui & Essential Oils workshop I attended and I am happy I started my year with Darina’s workshop.
She explained the most important concepts in a well-spoken and meaningful ways and I have started already implementing quite a few of them in my house !
I am intrigued now about further possibilities and will be attending more of her workshops and advice.
Darina is a knowledgeable professional yet very easy to talk to and a cheerful person. I highly recommend her services and workshop!

Ana Carolina Gallo

Thank you Darina for the amazing time during the workshop.
I felt very welcomed and relaxed while listening to your explanation; with a very clear and calming voice, making it extra special.
I learned a lot already in the first workshop about my house arrangement and what needs to be changed for a free energy flow.
I can’t wait to learn more and apply it in my house. Lots of love!